Improve Productivity With Our Professional Grade Dumbwaiters

A dumbwaiter is an exceedingly small freight elevator that is intended to carry objects instead of people. Commercially, you will often find dumbwaiters in restaurants, hotels, labs, and hospitals. Today, they are a popular addition to the home making it easier to transport groceries, luggage, recyclables, and shopping bags from floor to floor.

Jeeves Econolift

Stay within your budget while alleviating carrying and lifting with the Jeeves Econolift Dumbwaiter. A commercial-grade rail and trolley system merges with a maintenance-free motor-gear assembly and a cable drive to create a smooth, reliable transport between floors.

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Home Dumbwaiter

Select from 100 lb. and 150 lb. capacities for our residential dumbwaiter featuring a finished birch cab. An economical cable-drive system moves up to three stops at a speed of 30 feet per minute.  Our home dumbwaiters have the capability to travel up to 35 feet and are a space saving solution when a home elevator is not an option.

Jeeves Pro Dumbwaiter

The Jeeves Pro line offers 125 lb., 250 lb., 300 lb., and 500 lb. commercial grade models with a winding drum system that can travel up to 80 feet at a speed of 50 feet per minute.  A powder-coated steel cab (stainless steel cab optional) comes in various sizes and provides long-lasting durability to meet high volume usage. 

Commercial Grade Dumbwaiters

The Jeeves Pro dumbwaiter cab comes standard with a stainless steel bi-parting gate (slide up gate optional). The landing doors are available in bi-parting, slide up or swing door options with primed steel or optional stainless steel finishes.  The motor location can be above, below, or adjacent to the dumbwaiter hoistway allowing flexibility in configuration such as floor loading or counter loading applications.  

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