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  • Do you need better wheelchair access?

  • Before selecting a residential elevator,
    consider your expectations

  • Through our extensive selection– you'll find vertical
    and inclined wheelchair lifts as well as adjustable stair lifts.

  • From entering a building to moving between floors, our
    Apex Wheelchair Lifts present an economical solution.

  • Built for multi-story homes and small commercial buildings,
    these devices efficiently travel between floors.

  • Our two residential dumbwaiters dependably assist with moving
    trays of food, baskets of laundry, and many more items between floors

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Residential Elevators

Nationwide Lifts has economical and space-conscious Wisconsin homeowners in mind with our selection of wheelchair lifts and stair lifts. Space-saving mobility devices sit just inches away from the wall, all while folding up at each end to avoid creating an obstruction. Just as users’ characteristics vary, so do our mobility devices. Through our extensive selection, you’ll find vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts, adjustable stair lifts supporting up to 600 pounds, and systems built to handle the unpredictable outdoors. All, regardless of configuration, come equipped with safety features.

Stair Lifts & Wheelchair Lifts

When stairs specifically pose a mobility or accessibility concern, our Indy Stair Lifts present an economical, compact strategy. A track in alignment with your staircase takes a chair or platform up or down, with weight, size, and configuration capacities varying with each system. Find options for narrow or curved staircases and outdoor usage.

Particularly for commercial buildings but also for Wisconsin homeowners, wheelchair accessibility is extremely pertinent. Ramps, however, tend to be cumbersome, so why not provide a smooth ride from point A to point B with a wheelchair lift? Vertical and inclined options create a path while offering a non-skid surface that supports from 550 to 750 pounds.


Baskets of laundry, electronics, small furniture, and even trays of food create a potential fall hazard as you move around your Wisconsin home. Reduce this risk by installing a dumbwaiter. Quality construction goes into Nationwide Lifts’ Jeeves systems. Commercial-grade rail and trolley systems create the strength needed to dependably move from floor to floor, as clear text prompts and illuminated buttons ensure straightforward operation. To progress from planning to installing any of Nationwide Lifts’ mobility devices, contact us for a catalog or a quote.

Our Products

Home Elevators, Stair Lifts & More Mobility Solutions in Wisconsin

When stairs are seen as an obstacle instead of a way to navigate the floors of your Wisconsin home or office building, it’s time to start thinking about affordable mobility options. At Nationwide Lifts we specialize in making homes, businesses and public places accessible for everyone with our high quality stair lifts, elevators and platform lifts that are designed for comfort and convenience. We also offer a dependable line of dumbwaiters for luxury homes and restaurants that need a solution to transporting food and drinks up and down several flights.

Today it is very important that your home or office in Wisconsin has mobility options for everyone. Access shouldn’t be a luxury. With our sturdy and stylish chair lifts, pneumatic elevators and platform lifts you can transform any home into a safe place for people with wheelchairs and walkers to easily maneuver between floors. With elevators that can hold weight capacities between 1000 lbs and 1500 lbs, stair lifts that can navigate around curves and operate outdoors, we have mobility solutions for every situation.

If your home has seniors living in it stairs can be very frustrating and may limit entire sections of the home from use. There’s no need for this when you can get an affordable and convenient stair lift that will easily and quietly transport people up flights with ease. If your office doesn’t have a platform lift or elevator there may be clients who can’t get to meetings on the top floor and this could mean lost business. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial elevators so you can make your office accessible for everyone.

At Nationwide Lifts we take great pride in offering stylish and dependable lift products that can be used in homes and commercial buildings. We also have an expertly trained support staff on-call to answer any questions you have and consult with you on the best elevator or stair lift for your needs. Contact us today and see how affordable it is to make your space accessible for everyone.