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Stair Lifts

All, regardless of configuration, come equipped with safety features.
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A Compact & Affordable Mobility Solution

When stairs become an obstacle it's time to improve the accessibility in your Wisconsin home or office. With the technology available today there is no reason for people to struggle. At Nationwide Lifts we offer a terrific selection of stylish and sturdy stair lifts that will make navigating your office space or home interior easier and more convenient. We offer the following options for residential and commercial stair lifts:

Indy Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is a compact and convenient model that is 11" wide when folded, and has the capability of making up to 40 trips during a power outage. Safety sensors on the unit ensure the lift will stop if any obstacles are encountered.

Narrow & Efficient

This lift can hold up to 350 lbs and makes for a great addition to homes and offices.

Indy Lux

Capable of holding up to 400 lbs, the Lux system offers style, comfort and convenience.

Luxury & Functionality

The seat has an adjustable width, making it ideal for a variety of body types and sizes.

Indy Curve

When your Central NY home’s staircase has a unique format, with turns and landings, get a stair lift that matches with the Indy Curve. Nationwide Lifts constructs these models to your specifications.

Custom & Efficiency

Beyond the curved track that aligns with every contour and angle, the stair lift accommodates up to 350 pounds and a range of body types.

Indy Outdoor

Made for durability and convenience, the outdoor stair lift can withstand storms, seasons and years of use.

Durable & All-Weather

Capable of supporting up to 350 lbs, this outdoor stair lift is ideal for entrances to residential and commercial buildings.

Indy XL

The XL has the heaviest capacity of any stair lift in the industry and can support up to 600 lbs.

Heavy-Duty & Supportive

The safety features include a 90° seat swivel on the upper landing for safe and easy exits and entries.

Indy Platform

Accommodate wheelchair and motor scooter users in your Central New York home with the Indy Platform. A 25-inch by 36-inch non-skid platform sits just 12 inches from the wall and travels up to 40 feet at 14 feet per minute.

Versatile & Accommodating

For further accommodations, consider installing one outdoors as well as inside.
Nationwide Lifts keeps safety in mind with all stair lift models. Sensors quickly detect an obstruction or unsafe condition.