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Nationwide Lifts' home elevators meet the need and go beyond.
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Find a Match with Traditional, Contemporary, LULA, or Custom Designs

If you think elevators are just for luxury homes and high-end office buildings, think again. Today, installing beautiful glass enclosed elevators is affordable and makes for easy access to all the floors in your home or commercial building. If your location has stairs that are an obstacle to seniors and people with disabilities, contact Nationwide Lifts today and learn more about our high quality elevators that include:

Freedom Green Elevator

Featuring an interior cab that is made from recycled/recovered wood, the Freedom Green is an environmentally friendly elevator that offers comfort and convenience.

Commercial & Residential Solutions

With a 1,000 lb capacity and an efficient motor, this elevator is an affordable solution for homes and offices.

Freedom Hydro Elevator

Capable of traveling up to 50 feet with 5 stops in between and a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs, the Freedom Hydro is a terrific elevator.

Technical Specs

The smooth and quiet hydraulic operation makes this ideal for homes.

Freedom Elite Elevator

This luxury elevator has the capacity to hold up to 1,500 lbs and features the largest residential cab. This elevator can be ordered with a variety of classic finishes including wood, stainless steel and designing veneers.


Capable of traveling 50 feet with 5 stops in between, the Freedom Elite is a great addition to the finest homes.

Freedom Commercial LULA

A hydraulic commercial elevator with a 1,400-pound lifting capacity. This is a LULA (Limited Use, Limited Application) elevator, intended to add accessibility to public buildings such as churches and office buildings. The standard cab size is 48-inch by 54-inch. This elevator may travel up to 25 ft and four stops.

Technical Specs

Meet your building's specific aesthetic or mobility needs with a custom or LULA elevator. Nationwide Lifts designs custom elevators to your specifications, from a unique style to effortlessly blending into the existing décor. Limited Use/Limited Application (LULA) elevators offer a hybrid design for a low-rise commercial building to meet ADA requirements. This elevator covering 18 square feet of floor space offers ample room for wheelchair accessibility between multiple floors.

Vision 350 Elevator

A small, 30-inch wide residential elevator that supports up to 350 pounds.

Technical Specs

A small, 30-inch wide residential elevator that supports up to 350 pounds.

Vision 450 Elevator

Featuring a pneumatic operation that ensures a smooth and quiet ride, the Vision 450 combines a sleek design to make your home or office accessible for everyone.

Technical Specs

This model can hold two individuals at a time and also has a stylish panoramic clear design.

Vision 550 Elevator

A wheelchair-accessible pneumatic elevator with a 52-inch outside diameter and 525-pound carrying ability.

Technical Specs

A wheelchair-accessible pneumatic elevator with a 52-inch outside diameter and 525-pound carrying ability.

Visi-48 Elevator

If you're looking for a stylish and convenient elevator to be a centerpiece to your home, the Visi-48 is the model for you. Featuring an attractive, clear octagonal design and panoramic glass cab, the Visi-48 makes accessibility easy and attractive.

Technical Specs

This lift can hold up to 744 lbs and is cable driven for a smooth and safe ride.

Visi-58 Elevator

This cable-driven, round elevator system provides plenty of space for users.

Technical Specs

With a 58" diameter and 13.4 square inches of floor space, the Visi-58 can hold up to 830 lbs making it an ideal addition to luxury homes.

Nationwide Lifts of Northern California has a staff ready to answer your questions. We can also help with custom home elevator questions. Contact us today for a free quote a free catalog.